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  • Use Rescuebase to

    Track and analyze your exposures to a variety of dangerous hazards like smoke, water, chemicals, occupational accidents, and traumatic missions.

    Communicate with your entire team or certain profiles, like firefighters, paramedics, rescue divers, fire cause investigators etc.

    Coordinate efficiently your Rescuebase group’s:

    Exposure time tracking and analytics

    Search & Rescue missions

    Training (tests & exercises)

    Work shift changes




  • Pricing


    We offer the ‘Premium Package’ free to all students and staff members of institutes who educate emergency services professionals.


    "Exposure Time Tracking", "Shift changes", "Search & Rescue" and "Group Chat".


    99$ per user per year

    The Premium Package covers all of the Rescuebase capabilities, functions, and features.

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    Emergency services coordination should be a continuous, real-time process with constant interaction with your colleagues. Rescuebase is a simple to use, cost-effective solution for this purpose. It’s built to provide value in minutes for various organization types - like rescue departments,...
    If you’re a rescue professional, you face a number of risks every single day of your working life. Your job is stressful and risk of exposure risk to a variety of dangerous hazards is high. So who am I to tell you that? My name is Jukka Huttunen, and I'm a firefighter, paramedic, and a rescue...
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